What to do with minced meat ?

Minced meat lends itself to all kinds of original recipes that you have not necessarily thought of and that will surprise all your guests or your loved ones.

What to do with ground beef?

When we talk about minced meat we are basically talking about beef. However, there is also ground meat of pork, veal or lamb even if they are less commonly used. But ground beef alone is enough and there are easy recipes for minced beef that can be very good. Minced meat also allows all kinds of preparations, from the simplest to the most elaborate. Minced meatballs, for example, are a simple recipe that we do not always think about and that can easily be flavored with many spices (curry, Provence herbs …) to make them even tastier. Minced meat is also good for mixing with legumes (in a chili con carne for example) or to incorporate in vegetables to baking (stuffed with tomatoes, zucchini, peppers or onions). Finally, we can not talk about ground beef without mentioning the Bolognese sauce, an essential element of iconic recipes such as spaghetti bolognese of course but also moussaka or lasagne obviously.

What to do with rest of cooked minced meat?

If you have a surplus of minced meat already cooked at the end of one of your recipes, you can very well reuse it. Various preparations lend themselves to this type of rest. You can re-use your minced meat in a pizza. Indeed, this one composed of several other elements will not need a large amount of minced meat to be sufficiently garnished. On a pizza, ground meat is easily mixed with grilled peppers and/or onions among others. You can also use your leftover meat in tortillas to make enchiladas, tacos or fajitas. This time again, the idea is to use ground meat as an element that will accompany many other ingredients (salad, tomatoes, cream, gruyere, sauce, etc.), so that a small amount is sufficient.

With rice, potatoes or an egg, how do you cook the minced meat?

The ground beef is easy to combine with rice, without the need for a complex recipe. Just add it to the rice once it is cooked. However, for more tasty recipes, do not hesitate to generously use onions, thyme, pepper, curry, etc. One of the best-known recipes for ground meat with rice: meatballs, the latter consisting of glutinous rice, minced meat, and breadcrumbs, topped with parsley, chili, and onion before being browned or fried. Potatoes also blend well with minced meat, as proves the hash, Parmentier. You can also simply prepare a dish such as au gratin Dauphinois and add over the potatoes a layer of minced meat previously cooked with salt, pepper, nutmeg, a little sweet pepper, and chopped onions. finely. If you do not fear calories, you can even add a preparation containing eggs, fresh cream, and grated Gruyère or Parmesan cheese. Finally, for maximum protein, you can combine ground meat and eggs in a very simple way like an omelet of beaten eggs with minced meat cooked in the pan. You can also prepare bricks leaves, an easy but bluffing recipe, with egg and mashed potatoes. Place mashed potatoes first on the sheet, cover with minced meat and make a hole in the center to place the egg before frying in a hot pan.

Precautions with fresh or frozen minced meat

Some precautions should be taken with regard to the use of minced meat. It is important to note that if minced meat is purchased fresh (ie not frozen and placed in the freezer), it must be consumed quickly. Indeed, this meat is lost in a very short time. You have no more than 48 hours to prepare it. However, it is better to cook it on the same day as the purchase. If you use frozen, know that there are some tips to thaw the meat quickly.