Timeshare, a new way of working

They only have one payroll but several employers! Still unknown, this way of working allows to vary the missions and to exercise his job differently.

Management Assistant, Wendy works on Monday and Wednesday in a coaching company, Tuesday for an NGO, on Thursday and Friday for a sign of equipped kitchens. At the end of the month, she has only one payslip, that of the group of employers of which she is employed. Like her, 430,000 people made the choice of the timeshare. This form of work makes it possible to occupy the same function in several companies (rather VSEs and SMEs) for more or less long missions, which can be counted in years. Human resources, marketing, finance and management, IT, communication, administration, quality and security …, the professions involved are numerous and the various statuses: some are employees of a group of employers or work-sharing company others are independent and create their own structure, while others have opted for wage-earning. “It’s a solution for the future,” says 55-year-old Chantal Jacobin, director of time-sharing communication for two different companies: “In my sector, many companies will never need a full-time position but can not do without communicating. ” A win-win formula, according to the Time Share Barometer unveiled last spring: 93% of the companies that tested it favored it mainly for its flexibility and for controlling the costs it promotes. On the side of employees or self-employed on a timeshare basis, the results are also positive: the variety of assignments, autonomy and the best balance between professional and private life are highly appreciated. “This way of working makes us more creative thanks to a great diversity of activity sectors and meetings,” adds Chantal, “Today, people no longer want to be stuck in a structure, they do not want to do it. the same job for fifteen years, “she concludes.


You have to want new challenges”: David Bibard, founder of the time share portal


Time-sharing was born thirty years ago in the agricultural world, where the need for qualified personnel fluctuated according to the seasons. It is now developing in many areas, especially in the support functions of small businesses. It is not a legal status, but rather a mode of operation, a state of mind. You have to want new challenges, know how to adapt. There is also a strong sense of pleasure: as you are not there every day, you play a certain freshness, people are happy to see you. You also work in human-sized structures that allow you to be in direct contact with the boss or suppliers and expand your network. * le-portail-du-temps-partage.fr


“A wonderful accelerator of experiences”: Margaux, 26, HR manager


After my master’s degree in human resources management “timeshare specialization”, I worked for two years as a time-sharing HR manager in two different companies. To live two professional lives in one is a great experience accelerator. I never got bored. It also taught me to be more independent, to manage my time and priorities. Being an employee of a group of employers, it also gives certain security: I knew that if one of my missions stopped, he would do everything to find me another.


“The impression of choosing my job every day”: Sophie, 44, management controller


Employed for fifteen years, I burned out. I wanted to work differently and therefore created my company. Today, I work for three companies and find myself in very different situations. I arrive at the customers with a fresh eye, I feel to bring a “more” which is very rewarding. As a mother of three children aged 3 to 12, I also enjoy being able to manage my time more flexibly, but I work at least as much as when I was employed, often in the evenings when the children are in bed. I could work less but I do not want it because everything interests me. I feel like I choose my job every day.


‘You have to be very organized’: Wendy, 27. management assistant


Hostess for several years, I wanted to reconvert and learn by working. I then discovered the timeshare. I have been working for a year and a half in three very different companies. Human Resources, Finance, Accounting, Management, Administrative … Versatile, I exercise a wide variety of tasks. I gain skills much faster than if I worked in one company. Sometimes it’s a little stressful: you have to be very organized, like to constantly do new things, adapt to three different requests … I do not like the routine so, for now, it suits me very well!