12 Foods That Are Actually Damaging Your Kidneys

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Our kidneys perform many functions but are often not appreciated.  They remove waste from the bloodstream, regulate the body’s fluid balance while releasing hormones that create red blood cells, ensure bone health, and regulate your blood pressure.

Kidneys are located in the renal system.  They filter blood before sending it back to your heart and helps your body remove waste as urine.  They filter waste from the foods you eat, the medications you take, and remove toxic substances.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you put your kidneys through so much.  Kidneys suffer from cancer, stones, kidney failure, and Polycystic kidney disease.  Polycystic kidney disease is a disorder that has an effect on kidneys as well as other organs. This disease forms cysts that are sacs filled with fluid.  The sacs are formed in the kidneys and will interfere with the ability to filter waste products from the blood.  Cysts cause the kidneys to become enlarged which, if untreated, can lead to kidney failure.

Some stresses that kidneys go through cannot be helped because they are designed to deal with toxins.  As a general rule, you probably believe your kidneys are really tough when in reality, they can become overwhelmed and become damaged.

The following foods are considered healthy choices but can damage your kidneys if you are not careful.  Just enjoy foods but do not overdo consuming the following:

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