Become a better man with these 2 character traits

Why become a better man? Well, this is the only way to go if you want to improve your quality of life.

It’s simply presented like that, but the execution is not so obvious. Where to start? Should we succeed in his career? Become more attractive? Yes and yes. But there is a priority that supplants the two previous ones: you must first work on you.

A beneficial approach with the right mindset.

We do not talk about doing a lot of introspection or going to meditate with monks, even if this project is quite honorable if you feel attracted by this lifestyle. But we are going to assume that you are a man desiring a social and financially satisfying lifestyle, in which you will live several experiences and will be fulfilled every day.

To improve your lifestyle, you must first improve the way you perceive yourself: if you are not happy with your daily life, start by asking yourself if you are happy with the way you look at yourself. Before seducing anyone, it is necessary to seduce oneself

Wanting to become better, without being obsessed with greed, is a healthy and positive step.

It is accepting and embracing change. To achieve this, simply put your finger first on qualities that appeal to you, then act in accordance with these values. Once you have a better idea of ​​the man you aspire to become, then it will be time to take an interest in your career and your love life. Enough of chatter, let’s go:


Be steadfast and regular.

Whatever your project, be tenacious and you will develop a strength of will and, above all, courage.

When we speak of tenacity, we are talking about your ability to always go forward and not to let go when you face obstacles. If you want to start a business, for example, you will quickly realize that the obstacles are numerous and will lead you more than once to reconsider your plan of attack. However, you will have a choice: continue or abandon it to do something else. In both cases it takes courage, and let us agree, we do not recommend you to go through with all your ideas. But if some of you seem to be worth your effort, then keep pushing them forward. For each block, an opportunity arises.

To be tenacious, you do not need to know a secret or apply a technique. You only need discipline and advance your projects (personal or career) little by little, every day. What matters is your regularity. And to achieve this, it must become a habit in which you will act automatically, without thinking, and thus without feeling any resistance on your part.

We talked about a business creation project, but it can be other desires like taking care of your physique, changing your diet, improving your look and hygiene … not to mention seduction. In the latter case, do not be stubborn on ONE woman in particular: if it says no, then it is no. But continue to be persistent by continuing to seduce others and meeting new groups.

Pragmatism: look for practical action

Concentrate on what is happening now. It may sound scary and misinterpreting most of our advice, and yet it is very important: the more you try to master everything, the less you will be able to handle the challenges on a professional and personal level.

The truth is simple: whatever you do, some things will escape you. You will not be able, for example, to make your target in love with you, if she is not interested. As part of the seduction, there is always a part of the unexpected with which any hold is impossible.

See things like this: as an active man, you have wishes and a vision of your future, or at least you are open to the idea. But you can not accomplish everything and manage every aspect of your evolution: you will have to act as best as you can and accept the blunders along the way. Assuming that you want a long-term relationship leading to a marriage, you may have to live several stories, adjust your attitude when you are in a relationship and also have standards with women (do not accept for example those who have a tend to be manipulative or refuse those that you disrespect). You may even want to want another form of union or prefer a freer lifestyle with several girlfriends who themselves enjoy having several friends. It exists after all and if you decide to do it, there is no problem.

The fact is that you need to focus on the cards you have in the present moment, and not just the dream of a future that remains to be built. Get your hands dirty: go out and meet people, or train if you have a career goal. In any case, put all your efforts on what is happening now. This is how you will create opportunities.

Know thyself

Becoming a better person requires interpretation from you: what do you think is better? This is an essential question: your evolution depends on your objectives, and these depend on your situation and the projects you aspire to develop.

Understand that wanting to become better is not necessarily being frustrated with the person you are currently in. You could feel quite right in your boots and enjoy your lifestyle. Why want a different lifestyle?

There is a very good reason for this: things are changing. Life goes on and what was acquired yesterday, is not necessarily necessary today. Unless you have millions of euros (and still, this is not a guarantee), you do not have the luxury of stagnating and resting on your laurels. It’s not just a financial necessity: as long as you breathe, it’s important that you respect your desire to evolve. We can talk about material or spiritual evolution: some people will after all settle in the countryside and lead a modest daily. But in any case you must avoid the autopilot: be aware of each day and make decisions that make sense to you.

Becoming better is a global journey that affects you mainly but also affects your surroundings. If he reacts badly because you seem different, do not judge them and do not feel persecuted. Be patient and wait for them to accept you. And if it does not, it should not stop you. Keep meeting people and expand your circles, and you will not have any limitations. Good luck!