7 Home remedies that are effective against gastroenteritis (stomach flu)

Have you ever experienced gastroenteritis? If you have ever experienced this illness, then you know that it is an extremely uncomfortable illness that can make your life miserable for about a week. Some people get it on one occasion, and some people experience it several times in their lives. Gastroenteritis means inflammation of the digestive tract. The term “gastroenteritis” comes from Greek, which signifies “intestine”. Gastroenteritis has become very common and can affect any age group of human beings.

Home remedies for gastroenteritis

1. Cleanliness


When there’s an outbreak of stomach flu in the home, or if you’re sick, you should make sure you wash any food and water that has been contaminated. This is very important to prevent a further spread of illness. If you do have a stomach flu outbreak in the home, the best thing to do is take all the infected food and water out of your home. Don’t let anyone touch it because there could be another outbreak. Also, be sure to change your pillow covers and clean up your home regularly.

2. Rest


When you are suffering from gastroenteritis symptoms, the best thing to do is to rest. It is because the longer you stay away from the source of the infection, the less likely it is that your immune system will go into overdrive to fight off the infection. Once you’re feeling better, your body will be able to recover.

3. Vinegar


There are a few natural remedies that can help when it comes to stomach flu. A home remedy that is easy to apply is to soak a band-aid in vinegar and use it around the mouth and nose. Please make sure you change it frequently.

4. Food

green vegetables

Other ingredients for natural remedies include yogurt and garlic, which contain enzymes that will kill off the bacteria that causes the infection. These foods can be applied to the affected area, and they can also help to keep the throat moist while taking in some of the relief coming from the stomach flu. Eating green vegetables will also help.

5. Cold compress and honey

Cold compress and honey

Another good thing to do is to take a cold compress and add honey to it. To help reduce the swelling in the throat.

6. Contaminated food and water

Contaminated food and water

If you are already sick, don’t drink the water or eat the food that has been contaminated, as it can worsen your symptoms and make you more nauseous.

7. Hydration


One thing to try is to drink enough fluids, but make sure you don’t take anything too hot, because it can cause dehydration.

Remedies for Children

Remedies for Children

Children can benefit from using juices and supplements if they are sick with viral gastroenteritis. Juices and supplements contain the vitamins, nutrients, and other essential nutrients needed to help with the healing process. Vitamins that may be helpful include Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. Calcium and iron can also help to regulate the immune system of the child. A good supplement that contains amino acids like glutamine can also be helpful. To ensure that the supplement helps, you should first take your child to the doctor for a diagnosis.

To Conclude

Home remedies that are effective against gastroenteritis

It is important to know that even though gastroenteritis may not lead to death, it can lead to other diseases, such as sepsis, which can cause death. A person with this disease can pass their infection on to another person, through touch, if he coughs, sneezes, or speaks with someone who suffers from the disease. Severe cases can lead to liver failure. The condition can also be very serious and life-threatening when left untreated, especially when your immune system is weak. If you think you have gastroenteritis, you should seek immediate medical attention. The earlier, the better since, the more effective the treatment is.